Trade Share Individual Development of the Course

The development of the course each share is an individual. However, it is possible to observe a typical course of the exchange rate and certain standard trade situations in which stock exchange may be. Daily courses closed curve, from which we can calculate the basic trade direction of development of the course. This direction is called a trend. Distinguish a trend upward, downward and constant. For example, rising rates investors are constantly buying, and growing demand for equities pushes trade stocks higher and higher rates. In response to this situation in the scientific community says that trend is your friend or speaks of the bull market.

Rate of all shares do not evolve in the same trade direction. Opposed development of some stocks may be caused by the growth phase of general courses such as the stock trade market extremely erroneous decision management company. Rate of shares of such companies are falling despite the fact that shares of trade companies operating in the same industry or landscape grow. Conversely, when the majority of the shares, which are traded on exchanges, weakens, some joint stock trade companies to execute or implement a successful restructuring of the emergency program focused on improving profitability. Shares of these trade companies have become attractive for investors. Increase demand for them to drive the share price higher.

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