Trade Centers of Major Commodity Exchange

CBOT – Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The Chicago Stock Exchange was officially established in 1848 a total of 83 dealers at 101 South Water Street. The first president was elected Thomas Dyer. In July 2007, the completed merger of Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade, which was created by the world’s largest and most diverse exchange. More than 3,600 members/shareholders trade 50 different futures and options contracts on the CBOT both on open trade auctions, but also electronically. Trading volume in 2006 exceeded 805 million trade contracts, the highest annual total recorded in the history of this exchange. In the early history of the CBOT traded only agricultural commodities such as wheat, corn, soybeans, etc. Futures contracts on the Stock Exchange appeared years ago in order to include trading in commodities that can not be stored for a long time. In October 2005, the CBOT celebrated 30 years of the establishment of the first futures trade contract. Since then there have been many futures of many financial instruments, including U.S. Treasury bonds and notes (interest rates), stock indices, swaps, etc.

NYMEX – New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange. New York Mercantile Exchange is the world’s largest commodity trade exchange and a leading trading forum for energy and precious metals. Exchange is based on market and price transparency of unity after more than 130 years. Trading takes place through two parts, which are the NYMEX, a place for trading energy, platinum and palladium and the COMEX Division, where he traded all other metals. This exchange is a pioneer in the development of futures and option contracts energy, which happened 26 years ago in terms of price transparency and bringing risk management into the live market. What are traded? Traded wide range of futures and options contracts as oil, gas, gasoline, fuel oil, electricity, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum and futures trade contracts for coal, propane, palladium, but also mini contracts available on the NYMEX miNYTM.

LIFFE – London International Financial Futures Exchange – (NYSE Euronext)
Name Liff was used for the London International Financial Futures Exchange, until taken over by Euronext in January 2002. Currently the exchange known under the name Euronext liffe. Euronext also subsequently merged with the New York Stock Exchange in April 2007. London Stock Exchange was founded in 1982 to transfer control of the currency used in Great Britain in 1979. The Exchange was created by the model CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) and CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange). Since the beginning offers trade futures and options contracts. In 1992 LIFFE merged with the London Traded Option LTOM Market – the London market warrants, which were added to stock options to a number of products.

In January 2002, when it was taken over by Euronext LIFFE, there was a merger of stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Lisbon. Along with the continental European stock derivatives was Euronext liffe. Some trade analysts say that LIFFE had to give up their independence because they were not able to absorb so much technological change in the extent necessary.

Trading on LIFFE CONNECT can trading platform with sufficient speed of execution and flexibility. LIFFE platform was developed to replace its business in open auctions on the dance floor.

TSE – Tokyo Stock Exchange
In 1878 arose Stock Exchange rules, on which was founded in May 1878 alone Stock Exchange. Forum is governed by the Administrative Board, which comprises 16 members and the executive trade officers are 8, altogether there are 775 people employed. Capital stock is the amount of 11.5 billion yen and registered shares is 2,300,000. Other bodies are the Nominations Committee, the Audit, Compensation Commission. TSE is a joint stock trade company that operates the stock exchange under the control of Prime Minister of the country. TSE was originally a member trade organization, but in November 2001 a joint stock trade company. TSE has offices in New York, London and Singapore.

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