Forex Trade with Many Advantages

In spite of GCI trade platform can run your Forex trading with many advantages, including: – State of the art trading software. Business software provides real-time prices in 20 major currencies, live charts and real-time P&L (Profit & Loss) and account equity tracking. We believe that this trading software establishes new standards in performance and reliability. – Rapid and fair trade execution. Market trade orders are confirmed within seconds at prices clicked on or accepted by the client. In addition, there exchange offers a zero slippage guarantee for all Forex Stop and Entry Stop orders that are placed at least one minute before the trade market reaches your specified price. – Zero fees. Client trading performance is enhanced by eliminating all fees and commissions. Charges for holding the (overnight) can be applied depending on the rate and direction of the margin trade position. USD or Euro Denominated Trading Accounts. Clients can choose to fill out trade application if they want to have your account denominated in USD or Euros. – Trading on 3 pip spreads. Clients can trade on tight spreads in major trade currencies and crosses, 24 hours a day. Spreads in the EUR/USD and USD/JPY are 3 pulses and other major currencies are 5 or less. – Security Options. Clients can open positions in the same instrument in opposite directions, without the positions offsetting and without using additional margin. – Our Products. You can also trade in gold, oil, S&P 500, DAX 30, Nikkei 225, and Dow Jones on the same trading platform – the same low margin requirements and zero fees. – The risk is limited to deposited funds. It’s sophisticated margin and dealing procedures mean that clients can never lose more than their funds on the account. Margin requirements and trade leverage: Standard Forex Account: 500 USD per lot on all subjects. Equivalent to about 0.5% margin or 200:1 leverage. Mini Forex Account: 50 USD per lot on all subjects. Equivalent to about 0.5% margin or 200:1 leverage. Exchange is able to maintain these low trade margin requirements by enabling the automatic liquidation of positions when the margin call is reached. These policies also provide protection for the client’s account in the event of rapid price movement. A margin call is reached when the client’s trade account equity falls below the required margin. For example, a Standard Forex trade account, if a client has 10 contracts, a margin call occurs when, if account equity drops below 5,000 USD. In this case, some or all of the client’s trade position will be closed immediately at current prices.

Forex Trade as Typical Representative of OTC Markets

Forex trade is a typical representative of OTC markets, electronically traded the national currencies of countries based on market principles. Forex market is not common, they are other exchanges, has a center. It’s cash, inter-bank and inter-dealer market, which is connected online foreign exchange clearing center connected to the international, global electronic trade network. Highly standardized market for currency (foreign exchange) operates online 24 hours a week and traded via telephone and computer exchanges of market makers and brokerage trade firms. Forex does not have a trade center. Traded via telephone and computer exchanges of market makers and brokerage firms. What is the Forex market compared with the classical exchange? International, global, electronic, highly standardized market for currencies, on-line 24 hours a day. When trading in foreign exchange are no daily limits and no restrictions with regard to trading hours. This means that almost always will be an opportunity to respond to the movements of the major currency trade markets. In line with this there is less risk of being caught without the possibility of closing some of the positions. When trading in foreign exchange is shown by investors trading spreads (spreads), which offers shopping and retail store level. If the investor accepts the offered price and receive trade confirmation, trade is executed. No need to call on the stock exchange floor. Standard Forex Trade Account Minimum to open account: 2,000 USD Value of one lot: 100,000 USD Margin requirement: only 500 USD per lot 3-4 point (pips) spreads in major currencies and cross currencies Mini Forex Trade Account Through the portal, you can e-exchange in addition to its Standard Forex Account Mini Forex trading accounts as well with smaller contracts, and thus smaller margin requirements. Minimum to open account: 500 USD value of one lot: 10,000 USD Margin requirement: only 50 USD per lot. 3-4 point (pip) spreads in major currencies and cross currencies