30+ Rare Facts I Had to Check Twice to Believe

We can find anything we want on the internet, read every article out there, watch any video we choose and see the entire universe from our phones. But even after all this, the world still finds ways to amaze us and prove that life is full of interesting discoveries, incredible things, and amazing facts. Polar bears aren't actually white, and their tongues aren't black. Most wasabi you can buy in a supermarket is actually colored horseradish with different flavorings. You can make your body believe you're well-rested. And, you can spell your email in Morse code. Are you ready to have your world turned upside down? Then check out these cool facts that definitely will take you by surprise! #interestingfacts #randomfacts #brightside Other videos you might like:
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9 Secrets of the Statue of Liberty Most Americans Don't Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myeRAWrkn1M& Preview photo credit: By Bernd Schmidt/Panther Media/EAST NEWS, https://www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/50525424/i/2/t/4
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LIVE Day Trading Watch List for Tuesday 6/9/20

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An interview with Agota Miklos from Transylvania Crypto Conference (TCConf 2019)

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