22 Beginner Questions: Every Trader Can Learn From These

🔴 Learn How I Became Financially Free, JOIN my Challenge: https://bit.ly/3ghwbrc 🤑👇🏻 EXPAND DESCRIPTION for more LINKS 👇🏻🤑 So many trading questions, so little time! You might have missed my webinar with Tim Bohen where we addressed a lot of questions … Or maybe you tuned in but we didn’t get to your question. Today, I answer over 22 student questions. Watch and learn something! LINKS Mentioned: 🔴 Tim Bohen / Tim Sykes Webinar Replay: https://bit.ly/2zwaCCN 🔴 “The Complete Penny Stock Guide” https://amzn.to/38AaGND 🔴 “An American Hedge Fund” (FREE): https://bit.ly/2zfs7XG 🔴 My FREE Penny Stock Guide: https://bit.ly/2ZyoZB9 🔴 StocksToTrade Breaking News Feature (add-on to existing subscription): https://bit.ly/2zdIdAY 🔴 StocksToTrade Trial with Breaking News Feature: https://bit.ly/2zeXhyp 🔴 StocksToTrade special offer: https://bit.ly/2ZlYZZj 🔴 Blog post from my biggest hater, who became my FIRST millionaire student: https://bit.ly/3g1Nyfv 🔴 Check out my Trader Checklist Guide: https://bit.ly/3e4Pi5P SUGGESTED LINKS: 👉🏼Get my FREE weekly stock watchlist here: https://bit.ly/3ewng3t 👉🏼SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2MDNeVq to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques.* ✅ Share this video with a fellow Trader: https://youtu.be/tvRZQhPgl44 ✅ Recommended video: https://youtu.be/BtlnmnRqbJ4 ✅ Recommended playlists: Day Trading 101: Starter Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxhDIeYxNpE&list=PLTKUP0v0mxhvcNcP55fLthMRuTep2SGzY Advanced Day Trading Tips: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKUP0v0mxhsG4FCc4go7v4EOvyeNubJS My Millionaire Students – Are You Next?: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKUP0v0mxhtFSV2MDrpS6hziwptlpv4_ Trading with the Tims: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTKUP0v0mxhvhVuORoUdAQ1yCAZ6RAI_R I always get a ton of trading questions, which I do my best to address… I recently did a live webinar with Tim Bohen regarding the state of the market. And we answered trading questions … It was an awesome turnout! Thanks to everyone who tuned in… But if I didn’t get to your question or you couldn’t make the webinar, I’m answering 22 trading questions right here. I’m gonna be real with you … I didn’t even look at these questions prior to this video. So you’re getting my raw answers. I’ll also link the webinar above for those of you who missed it or if you want to watch it again. Plus, more helpful links for you — check them out! So what trading questions am I answering today? I start by addressing which books I recommend for beginners… I might be biased, but I definitely recommend my book “An American Hedge Fund.” There’s also the “The Complete Penny Stock Course” by my student Jamil who organized all my trading lessons. Check out the links above for both of these. And that’s just the starting point … I also talk about brokers, StocksToTrade, and stock pumps…
One student asks how I determine a good green day for a stock … Watch the video for my answer and learn which other factors help me identify first green day stocks. The last question I’ll mention here is how I know when a stock can spike again and again…
You must know former runners — they can run again. It’s part of the reason you have to study the past. It’s also why you have to learn to trade using smart rules in this niche. One way or another, you’re gonna have to learn. And the more you trade and study, the better you’ll learn what the market’s trying to tell you. I’ll go into more detail about that, too. There’s so much packed into this video. Tune in for tons of important trading lessons and strategies that are great for newbies and experienced traders alike. This is why I’m real in an industry that’s full of fakes… Tell me what you learned from this Q&A … Plus, I wanna know if you have more questions. Comment below and tell me what you think! ✅ Follow Tim Sykes and his trading travels: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timothysykes
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