Stop Looking at Balance Sheets — Focus on THIS

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Let’s talk about balance sheets and what to look for — specifically when trading penny stocks. For me, it's totally irrelevant. I don’t think it’s totally necessary to look at a company's balance sheet for low-priced stocks. Why? In my experience, almost every single balance sheet that you’ll see will be horrific. Almost every single penny stock is a horrifically flawed, fundamentally screwed-up company that will most likely suck up as much money as possible, for as long as possible before going out of business. Penny stocks usually have very little cash and very little revenue. They probably also have big losses and maybe big debt loads, too. When trading bigger companies in the ‘normal’ stock market, balance sheets matter more. You want to try to value the company as a whole based on its price, earnings, growth, debt, and profit. So why even trade penny stocks? Opportunity. There’s a lot of corruption in this niche. You can learn how to use that to your advantage. I don't think you have to read through all the balance sheets… I like to expect the worst. Whether they go bankrupt, shut down, or are barely hanging on by hyping themselves with press releases… The sooner you realize that this is a go-to strategy for these companies, the sooner you start to focus on patterns and price action. That’s the way I like to teach. How do balance sheets play into your trades? Be honest: Did you know what a balance sheet was before this video? Leave a comment below and tell me! #TimothySykes #Pennystocks #Investing —————————————————————————————————————-
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Fresh Water Is Hiding Under the Ocean

Fresh water is one of the most valuable resources we have. There are many countries that have massive shortages of drinking water, and people have been in constant search for new sources. But recently, a solution just might have been discovered — and it lies deep under the ocean. Reservoirs of fresh water under the seabed were discovered back in the 1970s. It was not exactly drinking quality, but the level of salt in it was at least half that of the sea above the pockets. At the time, though, the researchers thought about this water as no more than a curiosity. Interest in the subject flared anew in 2015. And what scientists found was simply astounding! Other videos you might like:
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… and how it was formed 1:59
Is it entirely fresh? 4:00
How can we use it? 4:34
The problem with desalination plants 5:15
New hope for survival 7:53 #ocean #freshwater #brightside SUMMARY:
– The scientists claim that the freshwater reservoir is about 217 miles in diameter, – Dr. Gustafson and her colleagues are pretty sure the Atlantic coast reservoir isn’t the only one in the world. Others might — and probably do — exist in different parts of the planet, although they’re still to be found.
– For the time being, there’s no need to tap into those undersea waters, but if we’re ever in short supply of fresh water, we now know where to find it.
– There are desalination plants all over the world that are already operating, and we actively use the results of their work. They make fresh water out of seawater for now, pushing salt out of it and making it drinkable.
– The problem with desalination plants is that they create lots of environmental issues. – Given that there are over 20,000 desalination plants in the world now, you can imagine what damage to the ocean ecosphere they do. – If we have huge untapped reservoirs of almost drinkable water, we don’t really need to process so much seawater.
– Recent research suggests that these undersea waters are also fed by land sources: rivers, streams, and rainfall. What it means is that the reservoir has been steadily growing since the ice age.
– For humankind, such a discovery means a lot of things, and perhaps the best of them is a whole new hope for survival. Music by Epidemic Sound Subscribe to Bright Side :
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