Stop Charging Your Phone in a Car, Here’s Why

Is it bad to charge your phone in the car? It’s what everybody does, but that doesn’t make it right! But why car-charging your phone may be a bad idea? So if you – like anyone – use a car’s lighter port to charge your phone, then there's something you should know. By the way, there are other mistakes we all make when using smartphones. Do you know, for example, why you shouldn't use your phone when you have bad service? Or why it's not okay to use your phone as a camera way too much? Or why you better use a wireless charging pad at least sometimes? Let's look at the most common mistakes! TIMESTAMPS:
Keeping the case on while charging 0:20
Using your phone when you have bad service 0:41
Using your phone during charging 1:05
Charging in the car 1:25
Using antivirus apps 1:53
Not optimizing Chrome 2:11
Using your phone as a camera way too much 2:35
Never restarting your phone 3:05
Avoiding a wireless charging pad 3:21
Not getting rid of bloatware 3:40
Going overboard with visual effects 4:00
Not formatting your SD card 4:18
Not using internal memory for apps 4:39
Not keeping everything else in the cloud 5:07
Closing apps manually 5:27
Not clearing the cache 5:50
Keeping things you don’t need on 6:15
Using an unofficial charger 6:37
Letting your phone get cold 6:59
Draining or charging the battery completely 7:24
Not checking your apps 7:40
Skipping updates 7:58
Letting your phone “sweat” 8:15 Other videos you might like:
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